A Stroll Down
Street Sign

Time Crystals CD Cover
all compositions © 2018 Steffen Presley

Produced & arranged by Steffen Presley
Recorded at Song-Haven Studios

cover art by Carolyn Presley

A collection of short compositional sketches.

Featured Instruments: Yamaha Montage 6, Roland Aerophone,
Yamaha alto saxophone, Roland V- Drums, ROLI Seaboards, other synths,
Moog Theremini, Hammond B3 organ, Gibson Explorer electric guitar,
Korg Nanopad (percussion).

This album represents an experiment in short form pieces utilizing minimalist production techniques. These pieces mostly began as spontaneous improvisations covering a wide variety of styles, while I was doing sound design on my relatively new and inspiring Yamaha Montage synthesizer, recording these audio doodlings to it's onboard recorder. Later, these recordings were exported to my computer DAW in the form of MIDI files (SMF), where I added minimal overdubbing and slight sonic polishing. I hope you find the results interesting and entertaining. All of these compositions are under three minutes long.

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