Endless Productions

For the UVI Falcon instrument on Mac or PC


The ultimate in Hammond B3 organ virtual instrument

This product is in the final beta stage. It will be available soon!
Inquiries welcome at

  • High quality samples. Extensive modeling.
  • Over 30 preset configurations, including many of the best and most popular drawbar settings!
  • Every control precisely modeled
    • Full drawbar control at all times
    • Six position Vibrato/Chorus
    • All Percussion controls
    • Keyswitch Presets
  • Single or dual manual operation
  • Bass pedals
  • Dynamic tube preamp emulation
  • Subtle nuances, faithfully reproduced
  • Full MIDI control, with MIDI learn
Master Effects:
  • Leslie speaker emulation with overdrive control
  • Spring Reverb
  • Master expression pedal
  • Layout for the TouchOSC app for Apple iPad for full hands on control!
  • Complete bank of authentic sounding pipe organ sounds with full drawbar control
  • Unique and amazing sounding drawbar controlled lead and pad synthesizer sounds!


UVI Falcon main panel for Song-Haven Virtual B3


Page one of the included TouchOSC layout, enabling full hands on control from your Apple iPad!


Master Effects panels


TouchOSC Keyswitch presets panel

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