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Time Crystals CD Cover New types of electronic musical instruments have been coming out from various manufacturers in the last couple of years that intend to push the boundaries of musical expression, rivaling and even surpassing expressive capabilities of most acoustical instruments. With much experience with both acoustic and electronic instruments, producer and composer Steffen Presley has more than welcomed this trend, investing in several of these new type of instruments and learning to master them using physical musical gestures similar to what you might see performed by a violinist, saxophonist or guitarist, but with new types of expressive electronic sounds. Foremost among these new instruments at our Song-Haven Studios is the Seaboard from a relatively new company called Roli. An even newer instrument called the Aerophone from Roland has enabled Steffen with expressive wind instrument control well beyond his trusty alto saxophone. New for 2018 is the super-deep state-of-the-art synthesizer from Yamaha, called the Montage. Details of these and other new instruments are found on this page, in the New Equipment section.

This leads us to his latest release, two and a half years in the making, Time Crystals featuring his band Mirror Image, designed to showcase the whole new expressive style of playing developed by Steffen on these instruments, especially the Seaboard. This album is now available everywhere digital music is sold!

The latest video from Mirror Image is an amazing journey through intergalactic space using futuristic instrumentation to create a very uniquely beautiful musical texture, with an expressive quality that was simply not available on electronic instruments earlier this century! Laniakea. Also recently released by Mirror Image is a modern rocker featuring the ROLI Seaboard Grand, the Hammond B3 organ and alto sax, Showdown.

Hot on the heels of release of the latest version of UVI Falcon (which includes a hyper-realistic Leslie speaker effect) speaker, Steffen Presley has released a software virtual instrument to run on the UVI Falcon software instrument. It is a virtual Hammond B3 organ, using a combination of sampling and modeling. All of the controls and every nuance has been faithfully and accurately reproduced. YouTube video, audio examples in different styles and ordering information can be found at The Song-Haven Virtual B3. Now Available at special introductory pricing!.

Singer/Songwriter Mondo Celaya brought us some old cassette tapes from the 1970's featuring a live performance at the famous Bla Bla Cafe in North Hollywood, featuring himself on vocals and acoustic guitar along with his partner, Tom Huggins on acoustic and electric bass, mandolin and harmony vocals. The objective was to digitally remaster the recordings for a new release. Our mastering engineer, Steffen Presley was able to fully restore and enhance the sound, to the extent that it sounds like it was recently recorded in a state of the art studio! We are currently also creating the album artwork, which also involves restoration, this time with old photos. The album will be called The Magic of Song. Stayed tuned to this page for release information soon!

Things have been so busy here at Song-Haven, there as been no time to update this page for a while. A lot of exciting projects have been in the works however. Just released this month is Brand New Day from Eric Walker. This is Eric's 3rd album, all produced and recorded here at Endless Productions again by Steffen Presley. Steffen used some cutting edge technology and instruments to produce stunning soundscapes, the likes of not heard anywhere else! This would include the ROLI Seaboard GRAND (see new equipment), The Moog Theremini, as well as conceptually new instruments using the Apple iPad including Moog Animoog and Borderlands Granular. Brand New Day had been submitted for Grammy consideration, including Producer of the Year.

Ruben Burciaga has been busy mastering his third album here at Song-Haven, to be released later this year. All of Ruben's albums have been recorded here at Song-Haven and produced and engineered by Steffen Presley.who also played keyboards and other instruments on these albums, which includes Cafe' (2001) and Slang (2008), both big hits in Latin markets.

After a long cross country tour, Eddie Salcido has returned to begin recording his long awaited full length album, making full use of our facilities here at Song-Haven Studios, with in house producer Steffen Presley at the helm, engineering as well as adding musical performances on drums and ROLI Seaboard. Eddie is multi talented as a songwriter, arranger & vocalist; as well as performing on piano, alto saxophone, keyboards and acoustic and electric guitars. Eddie hopes to have a release by the end of the year.

Nine years in the making, Steffen Presley has just released Pluto Head, an album of deep musical explorations aided by advanced and exotic electronic instruments. With music inspired by NASA's New Horizons 9 year mission to Pluto and beyond, the album is available at CD Baby, Apple iTunes (search "Pluto Head" or "Steffen Presley") and most places digital music is sold! Don't miss this epic adventure! New — Just released video in March 2016; Cryogenic Dream.

Following on the success of Tangier Dream (see below), the star of George Lucas' Star Wars spinoff movie, "The Ewok Adventure", Eric Walker has released a new album, Universal Delight in December 2014, with Steffen Presley at the helm; producing, engineering and performing most of the instrumental parts on various keyboard/synthesizers, the alto saxophone, and also the Moog Theremini (See new equipment section on this page). CD orders are available from his web-site and from Apple iTunes for digital download (Universal Delight; Eric Walker).

Tangier Dream, released in 2010 by Eric Walker. reached number #38 in July 2011 on iTunes Electronic Charts in the UK. It also placed within the top 200 in the US, entirely with independent promotion. Congratulations, Eric!!! Steffen Presley produced, mixed, mastered and performed some of the instruments for this electronic masterpiece. Eric has created three new videos with music from this album. See and hear them at YouTube.

Acclaimed jazz singer Rita Edmonds has recently been working with Steffen on new songs she has written. Her latest album "A Glance at Destiny" charted to number 31 on the national jazz charts.

Mondo Celaya is an amazing vocalist Steffen has worked with for many years. Recently, Steffen produced Mondo's latest single, "Zach & Gabe"!

Ukulele master Sean Tiwanak came here from Hawaii to record his latest album at our studio, Song-Haven, with Steffen Presley producing, engineering (including mixing and mastering) and performing on keyboards and alto saxophone. Steffen has produced Sean's previous two albums, Home To Me (2008) and Better Days 2000, both big sellers in his native Hawaii and currently available on Apple iTunes. The new album, Marry Me will be released in mid 2015. The original CD artwork for all these albums was created by our art department head, Carolyn Presley, making extensive use of her specialty, air-brushing. Examples can be found in our art department gallery.

2014 started off with Steffen teaming up with international award winning violinist, Luanne Homzy, for an acoustic live performance video, with Luanne on violin and Steffen on grand piano. Recorded and video-recorded at our Song-Haven Studio C. This can also be heard on SoundCloud at: This Must Be Fantasy.

Hailing from Brazil, and currently residing in Arizona, international recording artist Ernando Novias is working on new songs with Steffen Presley producing. To make Ernando's song, "One More Day" have that big something extra, Steffen brought acclaimed violinist Luanne Homzy to add her magical sound. The resulting mix, done by Steffen is world-class sound to bring tears to your eyes.

Legendary Doo-Wop Songwriter Norman Fox is making a CD compilation of his life's work, which originally played a key role in defining the Doo-Wop genre with his band, the Rob Roys and their many hit songs! Steffen Presley is doing the mastering at our Song-Haven Studios.

Making it in Music - jacket cover Endless Productions owner Steffen Presley recently released a new book (Dec. 2012), exclusively in the e-book digital format called Making it in Music published by BookBaby.com.

Completely re-written from a collection of popular blog articles from this web-site and partly based on reader feedback, the chapters in this book draw from the considerable experience of the author and include information for assisting aspiring musicians and producers with their music careers. This would include original takes on what it takes to be a music producer; make great recordings; understand copyright law and licensing for protecting your work and not getting into trouble; how to fire up your creative imagination; understanding industry trends and how to use that to your advantage, and last but not least; how to sell your product.

This 110 page book is currently available in all popular e-reader formats, such as Apple iPad/iPhone, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, etc. and can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iTunes (with the built-in iBooks app on your iPhone/iPad), and many other online stores which sell e-books for the incredibly low price of just $1.99!

Sunday, October 21, 2012 in Vatican City, Pope Benedict XVI canonized seven people. This included the now saint Mother Marianne Cope, a 19th century Franciscan nun from Hawaii. This has called for widespread celebration across the entire Hawaiian Islands. Of course celebration meant music, and a new saint means big production music! One of the main songs for this is The Song of St Marianne (Ke Mele A Kana Marianne) written by Sean Tiwanak & Eugene Napua Tiwanak. Steffen Presley was hired to create the arrangements both for full choir and symphony orchestra accompanying this song. In addition, at Song-Haven Studios Steffen did the mixing and mastering for recorded versions used for both live performance as well as self-contained recordings. These recordings and performances were heard extensively on the big radio stations and shown on KITV.

Yoshi Gurwell is a pianist working full time as an accompanist for ballet and ballet students. After many requests for CDs, in 2007 Yoshi first came to Song-Haven studio to record 36 ballet selections on our fabulous Falcone grand piano for Music For Ballet Lovers - volume #1. Seven more volumes on CDs have been released to great acclaim in the ballet world and strong sales, all recorded here at Song-Haven. Following the great success of Volume #7, Precious Holiday Moments (48 pieces), Volume #8 has was completed and released in 2014, once again at Song-Haven Studio, and once again features Carolyn Presley's original artwork. The latest technology coupled with greater experience and knowledge on our end has resulted in a superlative piano sound rivaling the world's best recordings (see "new equipment" section on this page for details)! The CD will be released a bit later this year. Her other CDs are available at CD Baby.For more information, visit DuoDolphinMusic.com. See Endless Production design gallery to view the artwork.

Ronnie Hudson Working alongside legendary bassist and songwriter, Ronnie Hudson, Steffen Presley, has completed new funk-dance song called Going Down which was recently released on Street People Records. Ronnie's credits include session and live bassist for Isaac Hayes, including the Shaft album and tour; staff session player for Stax Records, including many of those great hits. He is also a songwriter with multi-platinum sales, including the huge hit, West Coast PopLock.

Jeff Dean on sitar
Jeff Dean playing his 135 year old sitar
inside Song-Haven Studio A
Satina and Diz
Diz and Satina (7 Mansions)

The highly charged rock CD by 9 Chambers, produced by Greg Hampton for Samson Records and features high profile musicians Ed Mundell, Jorgen Carlsson, and Vinny Appice from Monster Magnet, Gov't Mule and Alice Cooper, features Steffen Presley on Hammond B3 organ. Steffen recorded the organ parts at his own studio, Song-Haven in 2010.

Multi-instrumentalist Jeff Dean released his masterpiece album, Gift on CD and Apple iTunes for download. A collection of solo piano pieces encompassing original material as well as adaptions of well known classical music, the album was edited, mixed and mastered at Song-Haven Studio A by Steffen Presley. Jeff has been performing his pieces at venues in the Los Angeles foothill communities.

Vocalist and comedian Arlene Nicoletti recently recorded backing tracks (arranged and performed by Steffen Presley) for her show Something Old, Something New at Flappers and other venues in the Los Angeles Fernando Valley.

Brazilian songwriter/singer Ernando Novais completed his first song with us, the beautiful and moving Clareza Da Razao, which mixes Brazilian lyrics and rhythms with modern pop production. Ernando, who currently resides in Arizona, has wonderful things to say about how he feels about Steffen's arranging and producing of this song. We have posted these comments in our testimonials section. Ernando has recorded several more songs with Steffen, including a collaboration with the late famous Brazilian guitarist Joao Marquee who has recorded the guitar parts in Brazil.

For over two years, 7 Mansions, led by Satina Warner recorded an album at Song-Haven. In 2011, an 4 song EP from this album was released, called So Many Things A complete album will be released soon titled Level 3. Assisted by her song-writing partner, electric guitarist Diz Butler, vocalist Satina have created a very original World Beat sound, consisting of powerful elements of rock, blues, traditional and modern R&B, infused with elements of reggae/ska and ethnic influences including Indian music! Produced and engineered by Steffen Presley, he is using new state-of-the-art equipment and production methods to create something truly masterful! Check out 7 Mansions on CD Baby.

Alice Cooper In between doing a world tour in 2009, rock and roll legend Alice Cooper recorded and released a new album Along Came a Spider. Headed up by producer Greg Hampton, the recording team arrived at our Song-Haven Studios where Steffen Presley added Hammond B3 organ, piano and synthesizer performances to several of the songs and is credited on the album. Along Came a Spider has become Alice Cooper's biggest hit in many years, already reaching the top fifty worldwide.

The New Czars The New Czars released their much anticipated album Doomsday Revolution on Samson Records. Core members include guitarist/producer Greg Hampton, drummer David "Chilli" Moreno; bassist Paul Ill; along with guest artist, guitarist/vocalist Adrian Belew (of King Crimson fame - one of my all time favorite bands). If you compiled a list of all the artists these musicians have worked with, you'd have a virtual who's who of rock n' roll - Alice Cooper, Lita Ford, Bootsy Collins, Buckethead, Reeves Gabrels, Bruce Dickinson, Puddle of Mudd, Courtney Love, Pink, etc.. Steffen Presley provided his expertise on synthesizers/sound-design and complex odd time signatures for some of the songs at our Song-Haven Studios. Doomsday Revolution features heavy rock songs and instrumental compositions with a distinctive progressive slant. See a review at Maximum Ink Music Magazine.

Grammy award winning engineer, Steve Pouliot (Saturday Night Fever, etc.) chose Song-Haven Studios to record the daughter of the late legendary Grammy award winning producer and hit songwriter, Freddie Perren (Jackson 5, Smokey Robinson, I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor etc.), vocalist Amy Perren, with Steffen Presley performing the acoustic piano and other instrumental parts. More information soon as this project develops.

Deke and the Blazers Deke and the Blazers are a Doo-Wop vocal group from various parts of the USA who met at a Doo-Wop convention in Detroit. They decided to record an album and chose Song-Haven studios to record the project, with owner Steffen Presley producing. He prepared custom backing tracks for the songs in advance of the vocal session which took place on the last day of 2008. Mixing and mastering have been completed, with a CD release soon. Meanwhile, the group is appearing in live performances across the country. The group also just recorded a jingle with four-part a cappella vocals at our studio, presently airing on WPON in Detroit. They performed locally at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City on June 27 2009 to standing ovation! Most recently, they had a great write-up and interview for Keep Rockin' magazine. They also have performed at the Fox Theatre in Detroit for a sold out audience, and featured some of the greatest legends in Doo Wop. See the television news interview along with their live performance of Sunday Kind of Love (One of many of their songs recorded here at Song-Haven Studios and produced and engineered by Steffen Presley).

San Francisco based John Torre spent several years recording his songs here at Song-Haven studios. One of these projects was an exciting compilation of pieces by J. S. Bach, with accompaniment written by Robert Schumann. Featuring John on lead electric guitar and Steffen Presley on keyboards, drums; as well as engineering, mixing and mastering, these amazing versions are note for note true to the original composers intentions, but using modern instrumentation and recording production. The album, called The Bach-Schumann Sonatas has been completed and is available on CD Baby, and also includes his previous recordings at Song-Haven Studios; The Golden Baroque, a set of Concertos and Sonatas by several composers of the Baroque era, including J.S. and C.P.E. Bach, Georg Frederic Handel, Antonio Vivaldi and Tomaso Albinoni.

Kiki Kalor Las Vegas singer and entertainer Kiki Kalor has just launched a fabulous new web-site featuring her eclectic mix of standards as well as very unique arrangements of songs not so well known. The result is great fun! Much of her backing music as well as her CDs were done at Song-Haven Studios with instrumentation and engineering by Steffen Presley. Listen to her songs on SoundCloud

Arlene Nicoletti
Arlene Nicoletti
On January 23, 2008, The Honolulu Symphony Chorus along with the Kamehameha Glee Club Alumni performed at the St. Teresa Co-Cathedral in Honolulu, to honor Mother Marianne Cope of the Franciscan nuns. Steffen Presley was hired to arrange the choir parts for a song composed by Sean Tiwanak and E. Napua Pa'ele especially for the occasion. Steffen created a mock-up demo using Sound Designer technology to create an artificial choir to help the real choir in rehearsals and also created the printed sheet music scores. We hope to present recordings and photos soon.

The long awaited album from Ruben Burciaga's band AZLA has been released on his own label. The CD, titled Slang is tour de force of Latin rock inspired world music. Recorded and mixed at Song-Haven studios over several years, the album features Ruben's melodic, dynamic and soaring guitar playing, some stellar keyboard work from engineer Steffen Presley, and a wealth of guest vocalists and percussionists.

Steffen also composes and produces soundtracks for corporation presentations. Most recently creating and producing the music for a video presentation for the DynaMetric company.

Producer Greg Hampton is working on his pet project, two CD releases of the late guitar legend Tommy Bolin. The first CD has just been released. For the second CD, Greg has brought legendary organist/vocalist Mike Finnigan to our studio to overdub Hammond B3 organ and lead vocals to one of the songs. Mike is currently touring with Crosby, Stills and Nash, has worked with Etta James, Dave Mason and notably appears on the seminal classic album, Electric Ladyland by Jimi Hendrix, on the song, Rainy Day, Dream Away.


  new equipment

Yamaha Montage 6 2018 begins with an incredible new ultra high-end synthesizer, the Yamaha Montage 6. Featuring a highly advanced FM synthesis engine (called FM-X, combined with a separate sample synthesizer engine called AWM (Advanced Wave Modulation, this instrument is extremely deep and complex, perfect for making incredible sounds, futuristic, traditional and vintage; huge, animated and delicate, controlled with a multitude of controllers, including the Super Knob, it goes where no synth has gone before!

Roland Aerophone The Roland Aerophone AE-10 is an electronic wind instrument making it's debut in 2017. It is based around saxophone fingering, which is perfect for it's new owner, Song-Haven proprietor Steffen Presley who has much experience on the alto saxophone. The Aerophone has a number of built in wind sounds based on models which sound highly realistic, and with it's exceptional expressive capabilities, really sings! You can see it in action in our recent videos, including our newest, Laniakea.

Speakers. Seems you cannot have enough of them in a studio! Our studios, Song-Haven Studios A,B & C have lots of them. Still, because of certain factors, our console mixing monitors were a bit thin on bass reproduction. As such, we just added the Mackie MR10Smk3 10" Powered Studio Subwoofer. This powerful unit gives us massive low end oomph! Come visit and hear for yourself!

After a year and a half wait, our new ROLI Seaboard GRAND Stage has finally arrived. With it's ultra expressive capabilities, thanks to multi-dimensions of touch response, this a game changer! A new type of electronic instrument which resembles a keyboard, but eliminates the boundaries between keys, thereby eliminating musical boundaries! In a short period of time, we have accomplished some astonishing things with it. Check out my far out song Pluto from our album released this summer, Pluto Head. See our YouTube video, for a much more down-to-Earth approach, yet still surreal!

What do you get when you already have everything you need? Esoteric instruments! That would currently include the amazing Theremini from Moog Music. Before inventing the groundbreaking Moog modular synthesizer, Robert Moog started the Moog Music company in the early 1960s making Theremins. A Theremin is an instrument invented in the 1920's by Leon Theremin, which allows you to play with hand gestures in the air, never needing to actually touch the instrument. The Theremini represents the first major improvement on this instrument in nearly 100 years! In a nutshell, these improvements are fully variable pitch quantization, which while allowing completely variable pitch like the original instruments, also allows playing in a wide variety of scales in any key! Also, the new Moog sound engine now includes programmable presets. The result is a whole new sound with a big WOW factor!

Moog Theremini Our main DAW is Cubase from Steinberg, who's parent company is Yamaha. Cubase just came out with a massive update and is now Cubase Pro 8. We have recently installed this and have been reviewing and experimenting with the latest features, too numerous to mention all of them here. Here are some brief highlights: Groove Agent SE4, a full featured sampling drum machine (and new home for our massive personal and one of a kind drum and percussion sample library); an entirely redesigned mixer window, with sound and functionality of major hardware consoles, such as those by SSL or Neve. It is also highly customizable in a very easy and intuitive way for maximizing screen space! Also new is the Retrologue synthesizer, which has a sound character almost indistinguishable from a real Moog synthesizer (I have one and can do direct comparisons). Okay, I'm going to now skip over a whole bunch of the new stuff that engineers and producers would find very cool and go right to what should be of significant interest to performers. This would be the new VST Connect, which provides real-time remote session capabilities.

You many or may not be aware that Endless Production's owner Steffen Presley is a world-class Hammond organ player, who has owned a legendary Hammond B3 organ and Leslie 147 for decades. To create an even larger-than-life sound for this setup, Steffen recently added a Ventilator from Neo Instruments. The Ventilator is a small stomp-box device which very authentically replicates the sound of a Leslie 122 cabinet. Companies have tried and failed to accomplish this for decades. Neo-Instruments nails it! So well, that direct comparisons between my own Leslie and the Ventilator reveal hardly any difference with neutral settings. Steffen had his B3 modified by Bill Axman of Alltek Organ Service to run both the Leslie and Ventilator simultaneously (including rotor speed changes on both from one switch) with overdrive capability, which results in a monster stereo or Surround sound. The Ventilator has many controls for modifying the Leslie type sound, including a tube overdrive for Rock & Roll distortion surpassing the capabilities of a stock Leslie. And as for Steffen's Leslie, it has also been upgraded with it's own permanent "station", which includes four microphones, including two new and matched AKG Perception small diaphragm condensers on the top rotor, and two dynamic mice on the bottom rotor, connected to an Art tube preamp with variable tone adjustments and a Behringer mixer. This means this instrument is always immediately ready to play and record, with no need to fiddle with level settings.

Recently the Dampp-Chaser system ( Piano Life-Saver ) was installed on our fabulous Falcone grand piano in Studio C. This silent device regulates the humidity of the sound-board, keeping it constant. The results is far greater tuning stability, a huge plus for a recording piano! Other new gear which greatly benefits the piano sound (among many other things!) is the new Ampex ATR-102 mastering tape-recorder plug-in from Universal Audio (see below for more details on this exquisite system). A new model Apple iMac computer has upgraded the recording system in Studio C where the piano is recorded. This has made it more practical to record at high sample rates!

Also brand new in our studio is the new and extremely extensive Mach5 Universal Sampler from MOTU. In a nutshell, this gives us all manner of manipulation of samples and synthesis. This new application can read sample/program data from a large number of popular samplers current and past, including hardware samplers such our Kurzweil K2500X. With it's multitude of modern programming options, we have spent the last few months breathing new life into our extensive custom sample collection. This includes the exhaustive orchestral collection from the MOTU Symphonic Orchestra Instrument, which allows dialing in the exact type of expressive and sonic gestures for the ultimate in realism. The results are a fresh sound and higher polish to our productions.

It goes without saying the extreme popularity of the Apple iPad. Music and studio apps for this device are gaining sophistication. In the area of synthesizers, no-one is defining the future better than the original synth pioneers at Moog Music. This new Moog synth is called the Animoog and uses an innovative process called Anisotropic synthesis, which produces huge and compelling animated textures based on classic Moog sounds! The multi-touch capabilities of the iPad are used extensively, providing innovative and comprehensively expressive performance control, never before possible on synths using conventional keyboards. Steffen has been extensively programming new and ultra-expressive new sounds for this instrument of which he is very enthralled with! The results add a significant cutting edge to our latest productions! We also have added the Yamaha iMX1MIDI interface and Tascam iM2 stereo microphone to enhance this and our other iPad music apps.

Grace Design m103 channel strip The Grace Design m103 mic pre-amp/channel strip has been newly installed in our rack. This device features ultra hi-fidelity and transparent sound throughout the signal chain which includes their high-end mic pre-amp, EQ and optical compressor, and includes a special mode for ribbon mics (such as our MXL R77). This recent purchase serves to offer more variety and contrast with our tried and true tube pre-amps and channel strips. We've also added more plug-ins for our Universal Audio UAD2 PCIe system (see below for more details). These include the Solid State Logic (SSL) G Series bus compressor, for that extra punch to our mixes. For mastering we added Universal Audio Precision Limiter.

UAD-2 PCIe card 2011: What's old is new again...again! Not satisfied with accurate and pristine digital reproduction? Universal Audio has been making high-end studio equipment for decades, and is currently the premiere company for powered plug-ins. Their UAD-2 PCI express system uses the high performance Sharc chip to power a range of processing power which includes super authentic modeled re-creations of a large range of classic analog gear used on many hit records over several decades. These include Universal Audio's own 1176 Leveling amplifier as well as classic analog gear exactingly emulated with powered plug-ins fully approved by the original companies such as Neve, SSL, Studer and many others! Want the exact sound of vintage analog gear from music's golden eras? We now have it and much more importantly, we know how to use it! Also in this vein, for a long time in the past, it used to be that the only kind of portable reverb a musician could have was a "spring reverb" (signal sent down rows of coiled springs). Many of these sounded great, but once digital reverb came to be with it's more realistic sound of real spaces, most of us forgot about spring reverbs. Well, the thing is, spring reverbs have a unique and very pleasing analog sound character, very useful on a variety of instruments and vocals. Finally, using today's highly sophisticated digital modeling and convolution techniques, terrific plug-in emulations have started to appear, first with Spring reverb from Softube which includes most of the limitations of the real analog units, and then later, Spring Age from Overloud, which while retaining a highly accurate emulation of three separate vintage reverb models, goes the considerable extra distance using current technology to add a host of features we could only wish we had years ago, such as variable decay time and much more. In addition, many of the new plug-ins are original creations making full use of current technology, such as Universal Audio's Real Verb-Pro, an acoustic space modeling kit which sounds incredible. Finally, I am going to start using plug-in reverb along with my highly trusted outboard gear!

2010 was about microphones, with the addition of the fabulous new MXL R77 Classic ribbon microphone. I've been using this mic in situations where maintaining the delicacy of the instrument is important, such as when recording acoustic instruments for classical music. This mic has already done a superb job of capturing clarinet, piano, acoustic guitar and voice here at Song-Haven Studios. At the other end of the spectrum, to aid our lead in establishing ear-catching and never-heard-before synth sounds for our electronica projects, we've added one of the best soft-synths on the market (for our new Apple Mac-Pro Xeon quad-core computer system), Alchemy by Camel Audio. This super synth/sampler boasts superbly controllable additive synthesis, along with spectral synthesis. Sound waves can be created from scratch or analyzed from samples, allowing manipulation of sound beyond traditional samples could accomplish. There have been several other improvements to our studio gear including replacing the entire keyboard action of my venerable Kurzweil K2500X master controller synth/sampler with an updated and superb keyboard action based on the newer Kurzweil K2600 model.

June 2009 marks the installation of a brand new main computer system; an Apple Mac-Pro with the new Intel Xeon quad-core processor. Along with that, we have upgraded to Cubase 5 from Steinberg. Not long ago Steinberg was purchased by Yamaha and they have infused Cubase with their leading edge technology. Actually, this is the third time there has been a "Cubase 5", with the last version 5 running on the old and now thoroughly obsolete Mac OS9 operating system for Apple computers (although that really doesn't seem all that long ago). With the advent of the Apple OSX operating system, Steinberg rebuilt Cubase from the ground up, and now we are once again at version 5, albeit with features, speed and capacity hardly dreamed of when the old version 5 was current. New features of interest include extremely sophisticated built in pitch correction; VST3 Convolution reverb; a drum sampling instrument which we've been loading up with our custom samples; and many more amazing features to enhance creativity and speed up work flow.

2008 began with a complete overhaul of Studio C, (the piano room). The old recording system has been replaced by a new model Apple iMac Intel/CoreDuo, running the state-of-the-art OSX 10.5.1 Leopard. Along with that is a new Alesis i0|14 audio/MIDI interface. New capabilities include recording at sample rates up to 192kHz(!) for ultra high resolution recording of our very fine Falcone grand piano. Find out more in our studio-tour section. Other studio improvements include updating to Cubase 5 providing superior DAW audio and MIDI recording and editing, along with XML export/import of music scores. In 2007 we added to our already plentiful high-end synthesizer collection with the Dave Smith Instruments; Poly Evolver. Using a stunning hybrid of real analog (!) with digital, the legendary Dave Smith claims this is a sound which cannot be acheived with "soft-synth" technology. We certainly agree with this assessment, as we are coninuing to make a major effort to provide a professional sound not attainable in small computer-run studios. As usual, instead of sleeping, we are spending the wee hours programming remarkable sound-patches no one else has anything like! See photos in our Studio tour section. Whether you are interested in fine piano recording, Surround Sound mixing, unique electronic and acoustic sounds found nowhere else, custom arrangements, stunning production or just want to record your voice. .

For those of you interested in recording in Surround Sound, Song-Haven studio now has full Surround Sound implementation in all formats up to 5.1, including 360 degree monitoring and mixing!Each channel can have it's own specific panning location within three dimensions! All panning movements in any direction can be fully automated (including specified 360 degree circular or square shapes). The possibilities for stunning 3D sound-scapes is phenomenal! Now, with Cubase SX3, Surround sound recordings can be exported in official Surround Sound file formats, including DTS.


  web site additions

This site has recently and gradually been overhauled to incorporate the artist friendly latest HTML 5 and CSS 5 specifications. It is also now completely compatible with the Apple iPad. As such, in older browers, particularly Microsoft Explorer, this site will no longer look or function correctly. Use of the latest browser versions is strongly recommended.

It was long overdue, but Carolyn Presley has finally completed a great new design for the Endless Production logo. The new logo can be seen on the home page as well as certain of the other pages on this web-site. The new logo will also soon be adorning our new business cards and letter head. You may also see it in our business emailings.

A new article by Steffen Presley has been added to the Music Production section, detailing contrasting production methods for two recent songs Steffen recently arranged and recorded in our studio. From the Music Production main page, select either the button at the top labeled "How He Does It" or select "Before and After" from the links on the left.

Our original music section has been spun off onto it's own web-site: Terraform Records. Included in this web-site is Steffen's latest project, 3 Legs On Wheels featuring Steffen's Hammond organ and saxophone expertise along with drummer and vocalist Arnold Mollica.

Endless Productions art department has recently completed designing and building a brand new bilingual web-site for Doug Gurwell. This new site is to promote his new album, Make Me Smile and is in both English and Japanese versions. Carolyn Presley did the logo design, now featured in our art department. We also designed DuoDolphinMusic, featuring ballet pianist Yoshi Gurwell, who recorded her third piano CD with us released this year (2010). We have also recently updated our web-site design for Rick Bozzo. Rick, a good friend and musical cohort of Endless Productions owner, Steffen Presley, occupies a unique place in music history. Check it out!

Those of you who have visited before may have noticed that we recently did a basic modernization of the entire site, but the big news is the total facelift of our homepage, designed in-house by Steffen Presley to better reflect a blend of our professional services.

A large selection of new music, recorded at our Song-Haven studio, has been just added for 2009, along with new CD artwork, now on display in our art department gallery!

Steffen now has his complete Soundtrack "demo reel" on this website. If you are involved in film, television, corporate presentations, games, online media, please check this out. All pieces and many more are also available for licensing.

Photos of our new Grand Piano room can now be seen in our Song Haven studio tour section, and now includes a stunning audio example.

Our web page "Music business and production tips" has been discontinued. The studio and production have been so busy, we no longer have time to doll out free advice. Thank you to all the kind people who wrote us thanking us for our unique and insightful articles.


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Our in house producer and musician, Steffen Presley, has been a very busy session player, and concert performer doing a wide variety of projects at many studios for various producers.

Steffen's son, Skylar Presley is becoming an accomplished musician in his own rite (in addition to being a top notch magician) under Steffen's tutelage. In early December, the two performed as a duet for the Sunland Woman's Club, with Steffen performing a number of popular saxophone instruments on his alto saxophone, with Skylar accompanying on piano. a CD called Sax Favorites, which features these pieces mostly performed live, is now available at Terraform Records.

Steffen played keyboards, including the Hammond B3 organ in our own studio, for an upcoming CD release from American ex-pat Calvin Russell on SDV records, and produced by Greg Hampton. Calvin brought his American country rock style to France some time ago, and has been a huge seller there and other parts of Europe.

Jack Casady CD Legendary bass player Jack Casady (Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, Hot Tuna, Jimi Hendrix-Voodoo Child, Hendrix Live at Winterland), released his first solo album, Dream Factor on Eagle Records in the summer of 2003. Steffen was the main keyboardist on this CD and features him playing Hammond B3 organ and piano on most of the songs. Produced by Greg Hampton, guest players include guitarists Jorma Kaukenon (Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, Hot Tuna) and Doyle Bramall II (Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Roger Waters, Arc Angels); drummers Steve Gorman from the Black Crowes and Matt Abts from Gov't Mule; and singers Paul Barrere from Little Feat, Ivan Neville (Neville Brothers, Keith Richards), and Fee Waybill from The Tubes.

Steffen appeared in concert with Jack's band last summer at the legendary Sweetwater in Mill Valley, which featured many of the musicians listed above. This was the first concert celebrating the CD's release, and was a phenomenal success with a packed house demanding encore after encore!

On December 3rd, 2005 Aja Kim, the primary female session vocalist for our company, Endless Productions, won the Best female vocalist for 2004 award at the Rock City News Music Awards. At the same time, she has also been nominated for "Best Female Vocal/Metal-Hard Rock" category for the All Access Magazine Awards! Several songs we've produced which feature her riveting vocal style can be heard on our site. Go to Hear songs! in our Production section.

Endless Productions new studio Song Haven Studio and it's owner, Endless Production's chief Steffen Presley, was featured in a full page article of Keyboard magazine (June 2004), The article includes full color photos of Steffen and the studio.

At the same time as the Keyboard magazine issue was on the stands, Music Connection magazine (May 24 - June7), also distributed world-wide, contains an article called How to Book a Studio at Rock Bottom Rates. Steffen was extensively interviewed for this article and is quoted throughout. Frankly, our clients already knopw that Steffen's studio, Song Haven offers the best dollar value anywhere! In the same issue, Song Haven Studio is listed in the recording studio section.


  original music

Nine years in the making, Steffen Presley has just released Pluto Head, an album of deep musical explorations aided by advanced and exotic electronic instruments. With music inspired by NASA's New Horizons 9 year mission to Pluto and beyond, the album is available at CD Baby, Apple iTunes (search "Pluto Head" or "Steffen Presley") and most places digital music is sold! Don't miss this epic adventure! Check out this just released video (March 2016) for the piece Cryogenic Dream

Also used in Pluto Head is the new Seaboard Grand from ROLI. With it's multi-dimensions of touch control, his instrument is a game changer in the world of electronic music, allowing for expressive nuances (and beyond!) previously only capable in some acoustic instruments! Towards that end, Steffen has formed a new two-man band called Mirror Image, designed to showcase the incredibly facilitating new technology behind the ROLI Seaboard GRAND. Besides new expressive capabilities, the Seaboard allows two guys to sound like a four or five piece band, without needing to overdub or use any automatic processes. Steffen is joined by his son, Skylar Presley on Roland V-drums. Having already recorded several live videos, Mirror Image is gearing up to release an all Seaboard album by years end. See the Mirror Image YouTube Channel to hear this in action!

Several new live performance videos of Steffen Presley performing on his grand piano have been posted at Terraform Records as well as on Facebook.

Many years ago, Steffen co-wrote a song with ex-Meatloaf bassist, Rick Bozzo, called "Bottom's Up". Steffen produced and engineered this song for his band at the time, "Thrust". Around 2001, Steffen re-recorded the song, again with Rick on bass, for an album from their group, Bent Branes. For unknown reasons, since absolutely no promotion has been done, this jazzy instrumental composition has currently caught fire, having been downloaded from this site over 60,000 times in the last six months from this web site as well as selling thousands of downloads on Apple iTunes, CD Baby and other digital music stores. No vocals, no gimmicks, just world class musicianship!

3 Legs On Wheels logo 3 3 Legs On Wheels, a band headed by Steffen Presley, along with drummer/vocalist Arnold Mollica, has recently released their upcoming debut CD, In Our Time Machine. The project is designed to fully showcase Steffen's extraordinary Hammond B3 organ playing, in addition to his highly acclaimed alto saxophone playing. Steffen performs most all of the bass parts using both feet on the Hammond's bass pedals, while simultaneously playing the organ parts and sometimes another keyboard with his left hand, along with Arnold's drumming, creating an exceptional big live sound with just two guys! The only overdubs are the alto saxophone and vocal parts. In addition the band has recently completed two video shoots. The album and videos are were released in September 2008 on Terraform Records.

On August 23rd 2008, the official 3 Legs On Wheels web-site went online. Complete information, video and links can be henceforth found there.

Original band, Bent Branes site has moved to the new Terraform Records site.

Terraform Records has recently moved to www.terraform-records.com with an expanded catalog.


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