AMS Hydrasynth patches from Song-Haven

Song-Haven Performance Preset Collection for ASM Hydrasynth

Steffen Presley

! The file containing the 64 performance presets will be sent to you as a small email attachment (168 kilobytes) once payment has been received. Please allow up to 24 hours for direct delivery (no downloading necessary) If you have not received your order within 24 hours, please check your spam folders before contacting us. Hydrasynth Manager app is required for installation !

Check out our performance package of 100 patches for Waldorf Iridium synthesizer

Here is what customers have to say on YouTube:

This is the best (by far!) Preset collection for Hydrasynth that I have found. Typically, I like 20–30% of the presets in a collection. In this case, 95% are keepers. And in addition to amazing default sounds, there’s lots of customization via macros. I hope you can do a follow up someday!
-- John
Just found this video today. Amazing realism. The string section, harmonica, and eastern cello/sitar patches are particularly incredible feats of programming. Great work.
-- James (8 thumbs up to comment)
These are the best performance-oriented patches I’ve heard yet for the Hydrasynth. I would buy them for sure!
-- John (5 thumbs up on comment)
dayum you are some kind of genius, just how?
-- Leon
These are amazing, I will for sure get them once I get my Hydra..
-- Vertigev
Awesome programming! Huge range/versitality in this pack.
Wow, these sound incredible.
Sensational - the best demonstration I have seen that takes advantage of the modulation features, polyphonic aftertouch, the ribbon, etc. So many et ceteras as well!
-- Mark
Hi! I absolutely must have these patches! :) Even for 2-3 sounds.
Very nice patches, but man those strings at 1:29 are MAGNIFICENT, really good job!!
Excellent, thank you Steffen! I was able to upload them to my Hydrasynth last night and play around with some of them. Really great stuff!!!
At this rate it's going to take forever to get through all 64 patches cause I want to keep playing the same one cause they sound so good and there are so many ways to get sounds out of each preset.
Nice work, thanks again!

-- Jesse
Many thanks, Steffen. Some really great programming and sound design, here.
Many thanks. This set is so awesome on my seaboard. You really have brought out the best of both devices. Your playing of these on the seaboard is pretty impressive too
-- soundsafoolmusic

Patch Demonstration video on YouTube

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