Waldorf Iridium patches from Song-Haven

Song-Haven Performance Preset Collection for Waldorf Iridium

Bank of One Hundred high quality patches by Steffen Presley
Compatible also with the new Waldorf Quantum Mk2 !

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! This package contains a bank set consisting of 100 original presets and includes a folder with all the original samples used. Total size for this package is 87 megabytes. Once payment has been received, we will deliver the product via the WeTransfer.com service. You will receive a notice from WeTransfer.com with a download link to retrieve the product. This link will expire in a few days. The email address you use to purchase this product via PayPal will be used for the WeTransfer delivery. As such, please make sure your email address is valid for this purpose. We usually deliver within 24 hours of an order. On rare occasions, the WeTransfer.com email may arrive in your spam folder. Please check your spam folder before contacting us. Please see our support email address below. !

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Here is what customers have to say on YouTube:

The choices you made in designing these presets are fantastic. All of them are very interesting and very useful for making music not just a tour of random sounds that might not fit in a composition. - enchiladajones1073

Patch Demonstration video on YouTube

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